WordPress Meetup

The front-end engineering world is fascinating but also a little scary. Scary because of how much I don’t know at this point. I’ve dove head first into a new world I never knew existed.

Last week I was able to attend the Charleston WordPress meet-up group hosted at The Iron Yard. It was a great time of meeting people around the area who want to learn and challenge themselves to grow as programmers. We also had the pleasure of having Zach Schnackel show us the aspects of his Boilerplate theme ‘Basey’ and why he built it. During his talk I was quickly overwhelmed at how much I don’t know about programming. Sometimes I question how I will ever become a “programmer.” All sorts of negative thoughts haunt my mind but then I remind myself that I am a “programmer.” I’ve been able to accomplish a great deal in just two weeks with the guidance of an awesome instructor and the help from fellow students.

The truth is, I will never be done learning and that is very exciting! To stop learning is to stop living.


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