Me vs Underscore


This past week at The Iron Yard we were assigned group projects and had to incorporate Underscore.js. For our project, my team decided to make a website for an online store and to use Underscore to help in building the products page and the shopping cart. We thought this would be the simplest option to try out our JavaScript skills. It was anything but easy.

Most of the week I felt like I was in a battle with Underscore and it was winning by a landslide. There were times I wanted to go Office Space on my computer with a bat. There is no greater feeling though, than when you refresh your page and see your code actually function correctly! That moment came late Thursday night. I was sleep deprived and over-caffeinated but I wasn’t going to let Underscore beat me. I had a revelation on what was missing from our code and like magic, everything fell into place.

Another difficulty was working as a team on GitHub. Previous projects were solo assignments so pushing up changes was a piece of cake.  Don’t get me wrong, I see what a great resource GitHub is, but never using it in a group aspect before made it very difficult. Our team kept having merging conflicts and other issues. We quickly found the value in talking through who was going to do what before we actually started to code. Having a plan was key to completing this assignment. By the end of the week we became merging masters!

As a cool side note, our campus director, Sally, taught us about Scrum, the agile software development framework for managing software projects. It was very interesting learning about how professional developers work together to reach their goals and also to see how I will be working in a team one day.

To sum it all up, this week brought many challenges but also very sweet victories. This weekend will be ‘active rest’ for all of us front-end students to do some research and practice our new-found skills. I’ve learned invaluable lessons from this whole experience and look forward to what next week will bring!





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