Iron Yard Crossfit



So far, my experience at The Iron Yard reminds me a lot of when I first started Crossfit. I had watched videos of Crossfit and tried doing some of the WODs (workouts of the day) on my own. I did the same with coding, using free online courses and watching tutorials. I eventually decided to visit an official Crossfit gym and thought it wouldn’t be much different from what I was already doing. I was soon proven very wrong.

When I walked in to the warehouse-like building I was quickly overwhelmed with what I was witnessing. I thought I had stumbled upon the Navy Seals training for combat. None of my previous experiences had prepared me for the torture I was about to endure. The workout completed destroyed me and was left sprawled out on the floor not able to move. I was immediately hooked.

In the same respect, The Iron Yard’s bootcamp style of training and methods are continually stretching and challenging me. We are being broken down in order to be built back up as professional-level programmers. Our instructor isn’t handing us everything on a silver platter, just as a Crossfit coach wouldn’t pick up the barbell for you. That would be of no benefit to you.

The Iron Yard is equipping us with the tools and mindset needed to overcome anything that is thrown at us. Programming is always advancing so we need more than a step-by-step guide. We are being taught to think like engineers in order to adapt and survive.

I still have fear of the unknown but everyday I’m grinding away and getting better and stronger.



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