Creating Products

John Saddington recently spoke to the Charleston Iron Yard about turning projects into products. He said valuable products are ones which have a story. They are not built just to make a profit. They are created by people who are invested personally and see an opportunity to benefit others.

We were recently assigned a project to build an application using what we’ve learned so far. We were let loose to create whatever we wanted. I set out to build a product that I would actually want to use.

You may have noticed my references to crossfit in previous posts. I started going to a crossfit gym about two years ago and ended up having to stop my membership. I bought some equipment for my garage and have been working out solo for almost a year now. Part of the beauty of crossfit is always having a workout that is different and varied.  There are also benchmark workouts to track your progress. Being on my own, I’m having to either come up with the workouts or get them from other gyms’ websites. I usually have to substitute some of the movements due to insufficient equipment.

There are many things I miss about going to my gym, especially the awesome community, but one in particular is not having to come up with the workout. You walk in and there it is on the whiteboard ready to destroy you. There are apps already in existence that will randomly generate a workout but I couldn’t find one where the user could edit and customize them. So, I decided to build one that would be part journal for progress and part workout generator to come up with a random workout. The random workout generator pulls from a library of workouts that the user has already entered in. You can record your score/time and it will time stamp it so you know when you last did that particular workout. It’s a fairly simple application but one I’m excited to use.

We presented our applications yesterday and it was very cool to see what everyone came up with. It amazes me that we are only halfway through this course but can already build usable products.


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