The Home Stretch

I cannot believe I have three weeks left at The Iron Yard! This week we are starting on final projects. We are going to pitch our ideas to our instructor and the campus director to see if they are viable and/or worth pursuing. I haven’t nailed down my idea just yet but I have a few concepts floating in my head. It’s a little overwhelming knowing that these projects will be demoed in front of perspective employers. 

For the past couple weeks our instructor has had us neck deep in AngularJS. We were tasked to use it to built an online store with a shopping cart and a blog section. It took some time getting used to Angular but I quickly found it to be an awesome and very useful framework. It will definitely be apart of my final project. I would also love to use it wherever I end up working. Another very cool thing we have learned is to deploy our applications using Heroku and MongoLab and we are currently learning how to deploy them using Firebase.

I am both excited and scared for the next chapter in my life. Yes, it took a leap of faith to quit my job. Yes, it has been one of the most challenging endeavors I’ve ever faced. However, with everything, you settle into a rhythm and get some what comfortable. I’ll soon be transitioning back into the workforce but this time will be different. I have direction now and know I’m stepping into a career field that I truly love and that makes all the difference.



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