Creating Rad

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Last week I had the awesome opportunity to volunteer at the Giant Conference here in Charleston, SC. The theme of this conference was “Creating Rad Experiences” and it brought together some of the best UX professionals in web, design, print, retail and branding to learn from each other.

I was tasked with helping backstage at the main venue and was able to meet and talk with some of the great minds in the industry. I loved how they were all so willing to give advice to someone like me who is so new to this world. The emcee, Mike Watson, was especially great and after asking me why I was pursuing web development, ensured me I was on the right path. He worked in an industry for way too long that he did not love and even though it was lucrative, it was not worth it. Life is too short to spend it at a job you hate.

The closing keynote speaker, Ethan Marcotte, blew my mind on all things responsive and the future of the web. I won’t try to explain all the awesomeness he spoke of, but in short, his message is that we should be creating designs that anticipate and respond to users’ needs, no matter what device they access the internet with.

The after parties were very fun. I was able to make it to the ones on Thursday and Friday. Boomtown hosted the one on Thursday at The Ally. It was filled with great food, drinks, and of course bowling! The party on Friday at Blue Ion was also a great time. It was there that the Giant founders announced their Giant beer, Breakthrough Blond, which Palmetto Brewing produced. Very delicious indeed! As a side note, we’ve toured both these companies with The Iron Yard and they are definitely creating Rad experiences!

Overall, it was a amazing experience that I am so glad to be a part of. I hope to make it to the next Giant Conference in Denver!






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